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Downloadable Ring Guide

This easy-to-use ring sizing guide, can be downloaded, printed at home, and used to measure your ring size.

Make sure that your print dialogue box is on the setting ‘none’ for the page scaling. Using a ring you already have, place it over the ring sizing guide until you have a match on the inside edge of the ring. Be sure the ring you use is for the correct hand...and finger!

You can also create a ring sizer of your own, by cutting out our ring sizer and wrapping it around the intended finger – it should go around the widest part of the finger and be a snug fit, but not too tight.

Then, making sure the numbers are easy to see, put the pointy end through the slit in the sizer which your finger formed. Your ring size is whichever number lines up with the slit.

Love, Around the World

AT DX, all our products are specified in Australian standard sizes. We have compiled a downloadable International ring Size Chart that demonstrates how Australian sizes relate to finger circumference, and convert convert around the world.

"They are super competitive in price and made our whole experience a delight. I will be recommending them and their work to everyone. Bespoke design or not.
I thank them so much for the efforts and the calibre of stone and ring they have produced. Lifetime of meanings, delivered."

— Clint Facey

Need a hand?

Finger sizes vary

Be certain to measure the exact finger on the correct hand! Finger sizes vary and our dominant hands are usually bigger.

Measuring for someone else

If you are measuring a ring belonging to your partner, pick one which is as close as possible to the same width as the one you are looking to buy. Bear in mind, rings which have wider bands will tend to fit slightly tighter.

Temperature and time matter

The most ideal time to measure is towards the end of the day, as fingers often change size a little during the day, and the finger you use when gauging size should be at regular body temperature. Fingers can expand when hot and shrink when cold.

Knuckle down

For some people, the knuckle may be larger. If this is the case for you, measure the finger at the point where the ring is to be worn, then measure the knuckle and choose the size in between. Although the ring will need to go over the knuckle, you don’t want it to be loose and slip around.

Take a guess

You may not be able to determine you partner’s ring size. If so, the best option is to choose an average ring size. For women this is L to M, and for men it s S to T.

90-Day Free Ring Resizing

Rest assured; DX offers complimentary resizing...

Within 90 days of shipment, we offer one complimentary resizing for our standard ring styles up to three ring sizes up or down. Please refer to our resize policy for any conditions which may apply.

If you are not sure of your finger size, please refer to our Ring Sizing Guide or book an appointment to meet with us instore.

Select the Perfect Diamonds

Whether starting with the diamond first, or taking inspiration from the most perfect setting - we'll help you design and create the most perfect engagement ring.

Discover diamond essentials. What are the 4C’s? And how do these guidelines relate to your diamond’s style and sparkle?