Where To Begin

You may well have heard the old adage that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of three months' salary. You probably haven’t heard that this guideline is based upon a 1940's marketing campaign created by an advertising house, under instruction from the largest diamond producer in the world!

Every engagement ring is a one-off, will last a lifetime and symbolises a very special union. Every couple is unique also, and while there are handy guidelines, there are no hard and fast rules. This is the start to your forever perfect engagement story.

The Perfect Style

Before setting your budget, be familiar with the different styles available and their costs. The cost of the setting is only part of the complete ring - so be sure to leave space in your budget for a beautiful diamond, and the most perfect setting. The below collections feature popular designs that include Halo, Solitaire, Accent and Trilogy styles.

Love, Made of Metal

Made to your taste and with uncompromised quality. The DX range of engagement rings can be designed and custom-made in your metal of choice. Being clear on your preferred metal will help in managing your budget.


Durable and popular - Platinum is versatile and works well with all skin tones.

Yellow Gold

18ct Yellow Gold settings are associated with royalty, yellow gold is rich in history.

Rose Gold

The pink undertone of Rose Gold, gives it a sense of romance.

White Gold

A popular alternative to platinum, white gold is a beautiful and affordable metal option.

Learn about Diamonds

Discover diamond essentials. What are the 4C’s? And how do these guidelines relate to your diamond’s style and sparkle?

All diamonds are GIA or IGI Certified.
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We'll help you find the perfect Lab Grown or Natural diamond, and customise the setting to create the perfect engagement ring or jewellery piece.

"I highly recommend Laura. Her considerate, kind and gentle mannerism helped make my experience at DX a pleasant one. Laura is definitely an expert in her field, her thorough explanations helped educate me and made me realise the true value of high-quality diamonds."

— Cathy H