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Lifetime Diamond Upgrade Policy

This offer only applies to diamonds purchased from Diamond Exchange and is subject to the following terms:

• The trade-in amount will be based on 75% of the purchase price of the diamond only. It will not include the purchase price of the engagement ring from which the diamond is removed.

• The price of your new diamond must be at least 75% greater than the price of your original diamond.

• The trade-in diamond must not be damaged or altered in any way.

• The trade-in diamond must be accompanied by its GIA certificate, insurance appraisal and receipt from the time of purchase.

• The trade-in amount will be adjusted, taking into account any variations in the exchange rate from the time of the initial purchase to the time of the trade-in.

• The trade-in diamond must be within our recommended quality range - Colour: D-G, Clarity: VS1-SI1, Cut: Ideal to Excellent, Polish: Excellent (or EX to VG for fancy shapes), Symmetry: Excellent (or EX to VG for fancy shapes), Fluorescence: Nil to Faint

If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about an upgrade, book an appointment today.

The DX Difference

We make buying a diamond easy, and affordable. Whether from the comfort of your home, or from our boutique showrooms. It is important that you choose a diamond that is both good value and absolutely love! Offering over 80,000 Natural and Lab Grown diamonds to choose from, learn everything you need to know about finding the most perfect diamond.

All diamonds are GIA or IGI Certified.
Access over 80,000 Natural or Lab Grown diamonds at the best possible price, Australia-wide.

Buying direct and save up to 40% as we help you cut out the middle man. At DX, we help you make the most of your budget while securing the best possible diamond.

We'll help you find the perfect Lab Grown or Natural diamond, and customise the setting to create the perfect engagement ring or jewellery piece.

Unmatched Quality, Unrivalled Choice

DX is synonymous with impeccable quality. Our diamonds undergo stringent grading to guarantee only the most premium selections make it to you.

Choose from over 200,000 Natural or Lab Grown diamonds and experience exceptional value that doesn’t compromise on quality.

DX Quality

It is important to us that you choose a diamond that is both good value and that you absolutely love! With this in mind, we recommend the following gradings when considering the characteristics of your perfect diamond.


The Carat weight of the diamond really depends on your budget and should only be considered in conjunction with Cut, Colour & Clarity.


To maximise brilliance, we recommend a cut grading of Excellent or Super Ideal for round diamonds, and Very Good, Excellent or Super Ideal for fancy shapes (non-rounds).


For a beautiful white colour, we recommend a colour grading within the range of D (absolutely colourless) to G (near-colourless and excellent value).


To avoid inclusions visible to the naked eye and still maintain great value, we recommend a clarity grading of either SI1, VS2 or VS1.

"Esther answered all our questions with so much detail it made the purchasing experience very easy and gave us the confidence that we were getting an amazing quality diamond! We were very impressed by the range of high-grade diamonds they had available compared to other jewellers. They even had our custom order ready under lead time - highly recommended."

— Madalyn Bartlett