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DX Quality

It is important to us that you choose a diamond that is both good value and that you absolutely love! Here are some guides to help you select the right diamond, and design the most beautiful ring.

Design Your Own

Our range allows you to custom create and design the engagement ring or jewellery piece of your dreams.

You can start with the perft setting and then add the diamond, or you can start with your dream stone, and customise the setting it sits in.

Custom Created Jewellery

Our range of diamond jewellery encompasses stunningly designed and crafted earrings, bracelets, necklaces and of course - rings.

At DX we offer a combination of designs that are complete and ready to check out, or you can custom create your masterpiece starting with the setting, and selecting the most beautiful diamond for yourself.

The 4 Cs

Everything you need to know about diamonds.

The 4 Cs

Everything you need to know about diamonds.

The DX Difference

We make buying a diamond easy, and affordable. And together with our team of diamond experts, we will help you find the most perfect diamond.

Learn all you need to know about diamonds through our range of online guides, or book an appointment to meet with the team today.

Loose Diamonds & Settings