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What Is Her Style?

An advantage of purchasing from a jeweller with a large online platform is the incredible range of ring styles which can be accessed. We offer just about every style of ring you can think of at Diamond Exchange - and if you have something different in mind, we can custom make it for you. We have six collections for you to choose from when considering which style suits best. As well as budget, it’s all about your personality, personal style and lifestyle when selecting a setting. Our collections are designed with these factors in mind. Whether it’s a ring symbolising endless love from our Infinity Collection, or an emblem of true romance from our Eternal Fire Collection, you’ll find the ring which best suits your spirit and individuality.


The Classic Collection is inspired by the world’s most famous jewellery brands and design houses. Each design is classic in character, its timeless nature transcending changing fashions, tastes and lifestyles. The proportions and dimensions of every ring have been calibrated to the most exacting standards – achieving perfect balance and symmetry.

Classic Collection pieces are all superbly handcrafted by specialist jewellers, using state-of-the-art technology. DX is the first to develop such a collection specifically tailored to suit the preferences of Australian customers.


The Vintage Collection is inspired by antique and vintage jewellery designs, particularly from the glamorous Art Deco period. Vintage Collection rings are distinguished by fine detailing and engraved scroll work around the bands. Round, oval and cushion shape centre diamonds are predominantly featured as these were the prevalent shapes used in antique and vintage jewellery creations.

Combining old world charm with a fresh, modern look, Vintage Collection pieces are designed to stand the test of time and will still look fabulous in 50 years. Vintage Collection engagement and wedding rings showcase sophisticated, classical style and grace.


Our Elegance Collection rings are distinguished by ultra-slim bands and discreet settings. Accent diamonds are secured in fine shared-prong settings, including our unique marquise and round combination. This exclusive range of jewellery has special feminine appeal.

With a refined beauty and sophistication, an Elegance Collection piece is perfect as an everyday staple or to wear to the most special occasion. As an engagement ring, promise ring, graduation present or significant anniversary gift, an Elegance Collection ring will express style and impeccable taste for many years to come.


Inspired by the enduring bond which a loving couple share, the Infinity Collection symbolises eternal, endless love. The mathematical symbol for infinity represents a mystical, powerful figure which can never be attained and is everlasting. Infinity rings and pendants are a potent emblem of permanent, infinite love – across many cultures.

This empowering ideal makes an Infinity Collection piece a great gift for loved one who has recently accomplished an important goal in life. Also, Infinity Collection jewellery can be perfect for reaching out with a confidence-boosting token of empowerment, to a friend or loved one who may have recently experienced a difficult time in life.


The name of this collection is derived from the French word meaning unusual or interesting. Designed for the person seeking something a little different and a touch of intrigue, the Outré Collection features rings with centre stones set across the finger rather than along it.

All the rings have fine bands flaunting the less traditional shapes such as pear, baguette, oval and emerald - set horizontally. Our Outré Collection designs were inspired by women who push the limits and stand out from the crowd. Perfect for innovators and less conventional people, Outré Collection is for those who dare to be different.


The Eternal Fire Collection was created to capture the eternal flames of passion in the scintillating brilliance of diamonds. Each ring in this collection features a small signature diamond secretly nestled under the setting - amplifying the mystique and excitement of the design.

Every Eternal Fire piece is special, singular and sparkling – and says “I will love you forever”. Express your passion, be proud of your individuality and 'wow' your friends and family with a fiery beauty from our Eternal Fire Collection.

For You, By You

Made to fit, and to perfection! Our range of engagement rings are all made to order, each custom-created to your finger size and preferences, delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. Almost all styles of engagement rings can be found amongst these four popular design and styling trends.

Perfect Diamond Quality

First, settle on the diamond shape you prefer. Then, understand the qualities of diamonds by investigating the 4C's.

Finding a happy medium between quality and size may get you a higher quality diamond. Choosing between Lab Grown and Natural could also help you maximise your budget.

Elegance, Forged In Metal

At DX, every engagement ring is crafted to match your distinct taste without compromising on excellence. Choose from platinum or gold, and let us guide you through their exceptional qualities.

Shop by Metal


The most durable and popular of metals. A versatile colour that works well with all skin tones, especially fair and light skin.

Yellow Gold

The most luxurious and durable 18ct Yellow Gold - associated with royalty, yellow gold is rich in tone and history.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold carries a sense of romance, and creates beautiful contrasts with other metals and sparkling diamonds.

White Gold

A popular alternative to platinum, 18ct White Gold is an affordable but still a truly beautiful beautiful metal option.

"They are super competitive in price and made our whole experience a delight. I will be recommending them and their work to everyone. Bespoke design or not.
I thank them so much for the efforts and the calibre of stone and ring they have produced. Lifetime of meanings, delivered."

— Clint Facey

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