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Wedding & Engagement Rings For Same Sex Couples

Wedding & Engagement Rings For Same Sex Couples

At DX we stock a stunning range of high quality diamonds to suit every occasion, style and couple. We cater to all kinds of couples and love to celebrate diversity. Find your perfect match at Diamond Exchange and walk away with the ring that makes you feel like royalty.
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Matching Rings

Many couples like their rings to match in some way as a tribute to their love. If you want to celebrate your commitment with flair, why not go completely matching rings? Like two halves of one beautiful whole, your identical bands can represent your bond, shared beliefs and unity.

Similar Motifs

It’s common for couples to want to reference each other’s rings while still maintaining individuality. Similar motifs include matching shaped side stones, matching centre diamonds or a matching or similar band pattern. Choose something that you both love and then create the two rings around that one feature.

Varying Width

Not everyone has the exact same hands, so often the most flattering ring width will vary. Factoring in personal taste and style, different band widths of the same ring can be the perfect way to be unified but also diverse. Whether both are simple plain bands or similar vintage style halos, your symbol of commitment should be something you feel reflects the personality of both you and your partner.

Matching Set With Different Shape Diamonds

By the same token, choosing different diamond shapes for the same set is a great way to achieve balance. Someone with a modern edgy flair might be drawn to something out of the box like pear, marquise or love heart shaped diamonds while a more traditional person may prefer to stick to classic shapes like round or princess. Opposite personalities often complement each other. Why not do the same with beautiful diamond rings?

Splitting A Matching Set

One of the most romantic ideas for any couple is to share a matching set, each taking the ring you identify with more. A progressive version of best friend necklaces, these special rings celebrate your commitment to each other and friendship together - the foundation of any great relationship. Your loved ones will be in awe when they find out your ring story and this ring selection can also be perfect if you are the one proposing and would like to offer your partner a ring that people will recognise as ‘engagement’ style.

Individually Styled Rings

While it’s great to coordinate with your significant other in some way, shape or form, when it comes to wedding rings, personal style can’t be ignored. You are a unique soul and deserve to have something that you feel is truly you. This can be easier for a lot of couples as they are each free to go with their instincts and don’t feel obligated to pick something the other one will want to wear. Why not pick completely different rings to celebrate strength in diversity?

The amount of different and unique ways there are to show your commitment to each other as a couple are endless. We hope that reading this article has given you some inspiration and we encourage you to go for the rings that really put a smile on your face. After all, you will be wearing them for the rest of your lives!