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Tips For An Unforgettable Proposal

Tips For An Unforgettable Proposal

Congratulations! You have found the one, that special one you plan on spending the rest of your life with! Planning a proposal is an exciting time when you get to drop to one knee, hold the hands of the one you love whilst presenting that beautiful diamond as you tell your partner you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

The only problem is ensuring that one very moment is the most romantic and breathtaking event you both will share… and Boy oh Boy is that a recipe for proposal pressure! To help ease the pressure, Samantha Davies the proposal expert has created a list of her top 5 tips for an Unforgettable Proposals.


Where do you want to propose? You need to pick out a location that will wow your partner and ensure it’s unforgettable. When thinking of the perfect location, take into consideration your relationships, perhaps a place that is special or significant for the two of you. Ensure the venue has beautiful views, wind protected, has a good back up wet weather option and is private. Be sure to book your venue well in advance!

Once you have also selected your venue or location, ensure to do some logistics, checking if there are any special events in the area? Where is parking? How to access the area? You want to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.


Don’t forget to capture the moment! Having a professional proposal photographer on standby is one of the things that people appreciate the most after a proposal has taken place. Just like wedding photos, engagement pictures are ones that the two of you will cherish for life. Have your photographer hiding and capture the proposal from a distance to ensure not to intrude in your moment. This will also add to the surprise when your partner discovers the hidden photographer.


You want to ensure your partner looks and feels great to the proposal. Be sure to give your partner a head’s up if you’re escorting them somewhere where formal attire is required – either that or plan ahead and buy your sweetheart an outfit that suits the occasion. If you are proposing on the beach, ensure your partner is dressed appropriately even if that means sneaking a pair of flats in the car.


If you have opted for an outdoor location, make sure you have a backup plan if you’re unable to amend the date. If in a park perhaps see what rotundas are available to hire on the day which can be hired exclusively for your event through the park rangers.


Enjoy the moment. Don’t let proposal stress weigh you down. If you’re anxious, consider hiring a marriage proposal planning service to take care of it all for you. You should enjoy your big day – leave the details to the professionals and have a hassle-free proposal instead.

Good Luck!

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