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How Can I Make My Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger?

How Can I Make My Diamond Engagement Ring Look Bigger?

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, bigger is not better by any means. But “I want my diamond to look smaller,” said no-one, ever. Size does not matter, unless having a large rock is one of your criteria when making your selection - which is fine - go for it! Size doesn’t need to play the major role in determining the diamond you choose, for most people. However, maximising the precious stone’s presence - it’s overall look and impact - is a smart thing to do. It’s like the way we make rooms in our homes look and feel more spacious by savvy decorating. We are often asked about ways to optimise the visual appearance of diamonds and other gemstones, so we’ve put together a guide for you, which should answer all your questions. Read on, for our top ten tips to make your diamond engagement ring look bigger.

1. Concentrate on Cut.

The amplitude of a diamond’s appearance is not all about carat. In fact, the characteristic which will determine the scope of its sparkle and apparent size is the cut. In most cases, cut will be the most important factor involved in a stone’s radiance and beauty. More so than carat, colour or clarity. And a diamond’s particular cut - the type, and the quality - will have the ultimate bearing on its visual impression and semblance of size. Nothing really matters as much as the skill which the cutter has applied when creating the jewel. The quality of a diamond’s cut rules its reflection and refraction of rays. This play of light governs the diamond’s aura – its fire, sparkle and brilliance. The volume of this visual ambience equals the perception of size. A stone which has been exceptionally well cut will appear bigger than another of identical carat weight with a poorer quality cut.

2. Fancy and Fantastic.

The classic brilliant round diamond has been the most popular shape for engagement rings for some time now. It’s definitely the go-to cut for solitaires. It’s also usually the most expensive sort of stone, per carat. There are good reasons for this; it’s a fabulous way to present a dazzling diamond, that’s for sure. However, choosing one of the fancy shapes can not only mean a more unique ring, but a larger looking piece too. The fancies are fabulous when it comes to looking larger than life. Oval, emerald, pear, marquise and radiant cut diamonds actually have greater surface area than brilliant rounds, and when it comes to appearances – they punch above their weight!

3. A Halo Helps

When it comes to creating illusions of grandeur, a halo around the centre stone does the trick wonderfully. A chorus of small diamonds surrounding the star of the show makes for blockbuster bling.

4. Pavé Proportions

This setting is increasingly sought after. Pavé means ‘paved’ in French. There are three slightly different variations of the pavé setting, which all involve the band being bejewelled with dozens of petite diamond accents. With the precious metal host being as veiled as possible, the visual effect is one of streaming scintillation.

5. A Fine Foil

The old principle of contrast works well with settings and bands. Just like white on a black background, if you use a delicate setting, the stone will look bigger comparatively. You can even add diamond accents, as mentioned above, to a slender band - to create an intricate, svelte setting upon which a diamond will look and seem extra sizeable. In fact, the addition of most detailing such as beading or milgrain will add substance which should lend to make the ring look larger. Also, the brighter the metal, the more your diamond is going to sparkle.

6. Three’s a Cool Crowd

Three stone rings symbolise the past, the present and the future. Engagement rings featuring three diamonds are a traditional favourite. Recently this style has received extra attention and a gained ground in the popularity stakes, when Prince Harry gave a three stone stunner to Meaghan Markle. Triple treat engagement rings typically comprise a central diamond with a smaller one to either side. The design makes the centrepiece take on a perspicuous profile – being framed in this way leads the eye to the centre diamond and lends it visual largesse.

7. Less is More.

When it comes to prongs. The trick to displaying diamonds in their best light (pardon the pun), is for the precious metal setting to take a back seat. In most cases you want the metal to be slimline and subtle – not clunky and overbearing. Smallish round diamonds do not need lots of prongs; that will make it look smaller. Of course, you do need to be sure that the stones are sufficiently secured, but definitely avoid any overkill. Prongs need only go where they belong.

8. Cluster Buster.

A ‘cluster’ ring is a design where a lot of smaller diamonds are set tightly together in a cluster, giving the impression of one massive diamond. This can be a good option for people who may have a bunch of smaller diamonds in their possession, which they wish to use to form one special piece of jewellery.

9. Consider Compromising on Colour and Clarity.

As we said above, you should be focussing on the cut of a diamond, as much as its carat weight. Cut determines the visual force of most diamonds. Obviously, carat is crucial too. But clarity and colour not so much.You will be able to afford a stone with more carats and better cut, if you are willing to compromise a little on colour and clarity. Be careful though, you’ll need to make a very considered, balanced decision. We don’t recommend sacrificing these two C’s entirely in the quest for quantity.

10. Cleanliness is next to Godliness

If you want your stone to shine divine, keep it spic & span! Maintain that fresh, new appearance with regular cleaning, so that your diamond engagement ring stays looking immaculate and impressive. Jewellery that isn’t nice & clean looks a bit dull & dingy. The dazzle is diminished, the ring looks a shadow of its former self. You want your diamond engagement ring to appear loud and proud – to look large, you need to look after it. It’s not difficult to keep your jewellery clean. A regular once over with some mild soap and warm water is the best thing. Use soft, lint-free cloths and be gentle when drying. Taking rings in to your jeweller for a professional clean every now and again is a good idea too.

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