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How To Design The Perfect Engagement Ring

How To Design The Perfect Engagement Ring

The engagement season can be stressful, there’s no doubt about it. From planning the proposal to finding a stunning ring, it’s all wrapped up in secrecy that some find almost unbearable. At least you know that Diamond Exchange can promise the most beautiful range of diamond engagement rings. Here are a few tips for picking a winner and wowing your fiance-to-be. 

Consider what your partner will like

The first question should be, ‘What will my partner like?’ It’s important to think about what will suit their personal style and lifestyle. For an active person or someone with a physically intense job, they might prefer a simple design with a thicker band that is going to be more durable. 

Choose a metal

Your metal options are; platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. People often people pick metals based on what complements their skin tone, so it might be worth taking note of which metal they usually favour in order to pick something they will truly love wearing.

To find out more about the Precious Metal Guide, you can view the DX Precious Metal Guide here.

Select a setting

After you’ve got the basics locked in, the setting is what really decides the look of the ring. Do they like modern, classic or vintage style ring? If you can’t find what you have in mind, you can always design your own custom ring.

Decide on a diamond (or three)

The diamond is arguably the aspect of ring design that people are the most nervous about. At Diamond Exchange, you know that we have diamonds which are of the best quality to best suit your style and budget. 

Take a look at our Diamonds Explained 4 C’s page to get familiar with the different grading methods of diamonds so that you can make a confident, informed choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a diamond engagement ring

At DX, we aim to keep the process simple when purchasing the perfect engagement ring. From diamond to setting, our guide will guide you in selecting the most special engagement ring to be cherished for life.