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How To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

How To Announce Your Engagement On Social Media

Getting engaged is one the most exciting moments in life. It’s natural to want to share it with people and in today’s social media-saturated world there is more pressure than ever for the announcement to be impressive.

So, how do should you announce it to your followers and friends - without breaking any rules (or hearts)? 


Let it sink in before you flash the bling

The best thing you can do after they have popped the question is to give yourselves a moment to bask in your new commitment to each other and to celebrate before you involve others.

Don’t rush to share it - you will never get this precious and intimate moment back. As soon as the cat’s out of the bag, everyone is suddenly in this moment with you and your fiancé. 

A good rule of thumb is to avoid posting until at least the day after the proposal - that way you can relax. The first people to tell are usually parents, siblings, best friends and close relatives.

Don’t dish out all the details

While it might be tempting if you have picked a date (or bridesmaids) to include it in your announcement, keep those details to yourself and only those involved. Keep the message about what is most important, the engagement.

Creative ways to share your news

Now that you know what not to do, we’ve provided some inspiration for out of the box ways to say, ‘I said yes’:

  • Script - spell out the words ‘I said YES’ (or similar) in creative ways like Scrabble pieces, drawn in the sand, chalkboard signage, recipe format
  • Involve your furry friends - imagine a puppy with a ring balanced on its nose
  • Engagement mugs - close up of hand with ring showing - or write it on a takeaway coffee cup where your ring shows
  • Engagement socks (engagement announcement written on the feet)
  • Photo collage - shots of the proposal, a couple shot and a close up of the ring
  • Humorous announcement: play on words, puns or a funny photo
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Ultimately, how you tell the world about your upcoming wedding is completely your call. At DX, alongside our beautiful range of engagement rings, discover beautiful and made for you wedding rings for men and women.