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Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds achieve the same dazzling brilliance and clarity as their natural counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost. These diamonds are produced in controlled environments, using technology that mimics the natural diamond formation process, allowing for the creation of high-quality gems without the high price tag of natural diamonds. Perfect for those who prioritize both elegance and value, lab grown diamonds make it possible to own luxurious, high-carat jewellery without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. Browse over 100,000 GIA-certified Natural or IGI-certified Lab Grown diamonds. Choose your diamond from the world's best diamond-cutting houses. Diamond shapes available include; princess cut diamonds, pear shape diamonds, oval cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, and more. Understand exactly what you are buying. View our loose diamond range in highly magnified 40x superzoom images and 360° HD videos. DX offers Free Insured Delivery and a Lifetime Guarantee on all orders.