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A Guide To Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

A Guide To Coloured Gemstone Engagement Rings

We can’t deny that diamonds are our first love here at DX. However, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate a gorgeous coloured gemstone engagement ring. Coloured gemstone engagement rings offer just as much impact and meaning as traditional styles with a whole lot of personality. If your bride-to-be is wanting something a little different and loves a pop of colour, then a coloured gemstone could be the way to go.

If you’ve done any amount of research into the world of coloured gemstones, then there is one thing you would know for sure – there is A LOT of options. Whilst it’s good to have variety we wouldn’t blame you for feeling completely overwhelmed. But don’t let this information-overload stop you from creating the ring of her dreams. This is a simple guide to the things you should consider before purchasing a coloured stone engagement ring.

What to consider when selecting a coloured stone engagement ring?


Number one is, of course, colour! This is the main factor when purchasing a coloured gemstone and is why they are considered so incredibly beautiful. Whether it’s the rich red of a ruby, the deep blue of a sapphire or a lush green emerald, colour is why we are drawn to these precious stones. It is important to note however that even gemstones we are familiar with may come in varying colours. For this reason, it is worth being open-minded when it comes to the exact type of gemstone. Here are a few of the most popular coloured gemstone engagement ring alternatives based on colour;

Blue – Blue gemstones are a popular choice for engagement rings with the most popular being sapphire. Although blue sapphires have been coveted since ancient times it was Princess Diana’s engagement ring that cemented this beautiful gem as being fit for…well, a princess!

Red – Red is bold and striking but more importantly it’s the colour of love and passion. Ruby delivers on romance and makes a unique statement. This gem has been sort-after for centuries and is featured prominently across the jewellery collections of the royal family and style icon Elizabeth Taylor.

Green - A beautiful rich, green gemstone is a staple in any fine jewellery collection. Emerald is one of the best green gemstone options for an engagement ring and was the preferred choice of Cleopatra and Jackie Kennedy. Another coloured gem you could consider is a green tourmaline, featuring a beautiful deep colour and relative hardness this stone is a hidden gem.

Pink - This gemstone alternative will have her feeling pretty in pink. If you want a ring as rare and precious as her, why not consider a pink diamond engagement ring? If you love the look but not the price tag, the romantic hues of a pink morganite might be the perfect match.

Black - Looking for something that will rock her world? She likely wants something elegant, bold but never ordinary. Perhaps a black diamond engagement ring is for her. Offering a high contrast this gemstone is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Yellow - Evoking feelings of warmth and happiness a yellow gemstone engagement ring is a little ray of sunshine just for your partner. A yellow sapphire or fancy yellow diamond engagement ring are both excellent choices that provide a wonderful pop-of-colour. Or give her something to celebrate with a champagne coloured diamond engagement ring.

Once you have narrowed down the colour, book an appointment to chat with one of our friendly specialists. They will be able to easily step you through these coloured gemstone options and many more. There is sure to be a coloured gemstone option that delivers on beauty and doesn’t break the budget.


The second most important thing to consider when selecting a coloured gemstone is its durability. After all, she’ll have this ring on her hand every day for the rest of her life. The reason diamonds are so preferable for engagement rings is their unrivalled hardness. Luckily, diamonds are available across a range of colours making them an extraordinarily versatile gem. But if diamonds just aren’t for her then there are plenty of alternative gemstone choices.

Different types of gemstones have varying degrees of durability but understanding proper care for these gemstones can ensure they will last forever. Booking a consultation and discussing gemstone durability is the best way to determine which colour gemstone is right for you and your partner.


Shape is the next visual element to consider when creating a coloured gemstone engagement ring. The popularity of diamonds ensures they are cut in a variety of shapes to fit all design options. Due to gemstone availability and the varying crystal structures, not all gems are cut in every shape. If colour is the most important factor when choosing your stone, you may need to be flexible regarding available gemstone shapes and cuts. However, you will find that many coloured gemstones are cut into their respective shapes for one very simple reason – this is how they look their best!


Having an idea about the style of the setting will significantly help you in choosing a coloured gemstone. Design features, such as halos or accent diamonds, can greatly affect the overall impact of the ring. Incorporating small white diamonds in your ring design creates contrast and is sure to showcase the colour of the gemstone. These design features can draw the eye in and create that striking pop-of-colour. Think of it like an exquisite painting with a beautiful ornate frame.

Coloured gemstones can look breathtaking in trilogy engagement rings. A contrast of gemstone colours and shapes make for a truly unique engagement ring. Your partner won’t be able to take her eyes off this one-of-a-kind design.

Design features can also help protect less durable coloured gemstones. A bezel setting with a thin metal border around the stone will ensure the gemstone’s edges are well protected. The simple and sophisticated Isla Setting is the perfect way to showcase your coloured gemstone.

Coloured gemstones are a fantastic way to enhance the design of your engagement ring and give your partner a ring that truly reflects their personality. Now that you’re across the most important elements, you are ready to book your DX consultation. Talking with a professional will be the best way to narrow down the perfect coloured gemstone options for you. 

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