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5 Tips To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

5 Tips To Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

As the saying goes, bigger is always better! OK, maybe not with everything but when it comes to diamonds, we must agree that size counts. There are many factors to consider when buying an engagement ring but the first thing she will notice is the size of that rock. It’s important not to compromise the quality of your diamond simply to gain carat weight. However, there are a few tips and tricks to make sure your diamond delivers on wow-factor! If you’re ready to pop the question but not wanting to blow the budget, then here are 5 tips to make your diamond look even bigger.

1. Choose your shape

Selecting the shape of your diamond is a key decision when it comes to the size of the stone. Diamonds can be cut into many different shapes, each with their own beauty and uniqueness. Carat weight can be an indicator of size for your diamond however, it is important to remember that the term refers in fact to the weight of the stone. Therefore, depending on the shape and quality of diamonds of the same carat weight, they can look slightly different in size. For a diamond to appear larger from its top view (what you will see once it’s set into a ring) you want a diamond that holds most of its carat weight on top. This is referred to as ‘face-up’ value and can be determined by the dimensions of the stone listed on the GIA certificate.

The diamond shapes that offer the best face-up value are round brilliant cut and princess cut diamonds. This is due to the pointed angles of their pavilions. This cone-like base means that most of the carat weight is present on the top of the diamond.

If these shapes are not for you then your next best option may be an elongated shape such as pear cut, oval cut, marquise cut or radiant cut. Although these shapes will still hold more weight at the bottom of the stone, the beautiful elongation will give them presence along the finger.

2. Add a Halo

Adding a halo to your ring is a fantastic way to add overall impact to the piece. A halo acts like a frame that showcases your centre diamond. This design feature is a great way to maximise the size of your diamond and can be applied to any diamond shape. A halo adds contrast and extra sparkle to the engagement ring. If you are really looking to take her breath away, why not consider a double halo! Halos are a budget-friendly way to add size and bling to your engagement ring.

3. Choose a 6 Prong Setting

If you have settled on the classic round brilliant cut diamond a great way to optimize your stone’s size is by opting for a 6-prong setting. A 6-prong setting accentuates the beautiful round shape of the cut. It serves as a border and draws the eye to the stunning centre stone. This is a great option if your partner prefers the look of a solitaire as opposed to a halo design. A 6-prong setting ensures a timeless and elegant design whilst also ensuring protection for the stone.

4. Select a Thin Band

The width of the band is another design element that can help to optimize the look of your ring’s centre diamond. No matter the size of your centre diamond selecting a thin band will naturally create contrast between the centre stone and the side diamonds. The different proportions will ensure your centre diamond is beautifully showcased on your partner’s hand. Always seek your jeweller’s advice when deciding on the width of the band to ensure the setting is still durable. Of course, the thinner the band the larger the centre diamond will appear however, it is important to never compromise the longevity of the setting.

5. Clean Your Diamond

An easy way to make sure your centre diamond is always looking its best and brightest is to make sure it’s cleaned regularly. Our hands naturally come into contact with oil and dirt every day, which can build up on your diamond’s surface. This can sometimes make the diamond look slightly darker or dull in appearance. You can clean your ring at home using warm water and a non-abrasive detergent. Using a soft-bristle toothbrush can gently dislodge any dirt or oil caught underneath the setting and dry with a clean polishing cloth. You can also bring your DX piece into one of our showrooms for a complimentary clean. Cleaning your ring will ensure your diamond is always sparkling at its brightest!

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