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5 Things to Do Once You're Engaged

5 Things to Do Once You're Engaged

You’ve said ‘YES!’ and the ring’s on your finger. Planning a wedding is certainly overwhelming and so frantically scouring wedding blogs the night of the proposal probably isn’t the best idea. Apart from admiring/flaunting your new ring, here is a simple list of four things to do once you’re engaged. The rest can wait.

Get the word out

The two of you are excited and no doubt want to shout it from the rooftops, but to avoid offending close family and friends, tell your close family and friends before announcing it anywhere public like social media. Take some time with your fiancé to savour this moment - it’s once in a lifetime and you’ll regret rushing past it.

Give your ring some love

This next bit is not very romantic, but you may need to think about resizing and insuring your engagement ring with a Q Report Jewellery Insurance Policy for peace of mind.

Discuss your expectations

Chatting to your partner about wedding expectations is crucial. The most important aspect is your budget. It’s not the most fun topic, but a wedding without it can be disastrous. Determine what you’ve got to spend and divvy up the funds (leaving room for ‘miscellaneous’) for a smooth wedding season. Decide on three or four non-negotiables that you want to spend the biggest portions of your budget on, and your list of priorities will follow. Once you have these nailed down, your discussions about guest list size and a tone/theme for your wedding become a lot easier.

Think about when, where and who

It’s time to narrow down a wedding date. Some venues book up over a year in advance, so you don’t want to leave it too late. The other question to ask yourself is, ‘Who do I want standing next to me on the big day?’ (besides your spouse-to-be, of course). It’s a good idea to pick your bridal party early before you plan too much and any major wedding-related festivities get underway.

Plan an engagement celebration

Speaking of wedding-related festivities… why not mark your engagement with some kind of celebration? An engagement party is most common so that all your nearest and dearest can celebrate with you and your fiancé. However, if that feels overwhelming for you, try something more intimate like a weekend escape with your new fiancé, drinks at your favourite bar or an intimate family dinner.

Amongst all the wedding planning, don’t forget to take a moment to just enjoy your engagement.

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