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The Complete Guide: How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

The Complete Guide: How To Care For Your Engagement Ring

Some things are meant to last forever; the love between you and your spouse and that gorgeous diamond ring on your finger. But just like your marriage your gorgeous diamond also needs some TLC from time to time. Although it’s true that diamonds are the hardest material in the world, this doesn’t mean that your ring won’t require any care or maintenance. There are some key things you can do to keep your diamond at its brilliant best! To help you out, we have compromised the complete guide for how to care for your engagement ring. Chances are that your partner has put a lot of careful consideration (not to mention hard-earned cash) into choosing this piece of jewellery for you. With a little bit of know-how, you can make sure this thoughtful gesture lasts a lifetime.

1. Keep away from chemicals

Once you’ve had that sparkler on your finger for a few weeks, you forget what your hand looked like without it. It’s easy to go about your everyday tasks without thinking twice about removing your ring. It’s important to be aware of what you are exposing your ring to. Chemicals that we often use around the house are great for stripping surfaces like your bathroom tiles or dirty dishes, but you may be exposing your ring to the same process. When using harsh chemicals to clean around the home it is essential that you remove your ring. If you really can’t bare to part with it at all, then a thick pair of rubber gloves is advised when performing these duties.

2. Avoid needless wear & tear

Wear and tear are unavoidable occurrences with any item that you intend to wear every single day. No one ever intends to hit their jewellery against hard surfaces but there will always be those few unfortunate bumps and grazes. What you can do to protect your precious bling is avoid those high-risk situations. Lifting weights at the gym, playing sport, gardening, cleaning out the garage or swimming, are just a few situations where it’s best to pop your ring in a safe place for an hour or two. We know it may seem like a huge sacrifice, but the overall longevity of your ring is far more important. If these activities are something you do a lot, maybe opt for a plain band that you can wear during these times.

3. Schedule maintenance checks

Whether it’s a house, car or diamond ring, any form of significant investment holds with it the expectation of longevity. But anything that is meant to last a lifetime requires a certain amount of maintenance and up-keep. Your beautiful new engagement ring is no different. Having your ring routinely inspected by a jeweller will ensure any issues are found before they turn into larger problems. It is recommended to have your ring inspected by a jeweller at least once a year.

4. Regularly clean your ring at home

In between visits to your jeweller, you should regularly clean your engagement ring at home. Like any item that you wear every day, it is easy for dirt to build up within your setting. Using a non-abrasive soap in warm water is the best way to clean metal and diamonds at home. Let the ring soak for a few minutes before gently dislodging any dirt with a soft bristle toothbrush. Run the ring under cool water and dry gently with a clean polishing cloth.

5. Have safe storage options

Our hands go through a lot during our everyday activities, often exposed to different chemicals and oils. Whilst our skin is ever resilient, it is important that we try our best not to put our beautiful jewellery through the same thing. Having small storage options such as a ring stand or tray will help to avoid your ring encountering the harsh chemicals. For long-term storage, jewellery boxes with individual compartments and fabric lining are best.

6. Remove your rings during your beauty routine

Your daily beauty routine may do wonders for your skin, but it does nothing for your jewellery. It’s important to remove your rings when applying lotions, moisturizers, make-up or perfume. Such products can cause grease to build up on your diamonds’ surface.

7. Restrict direct contact with hand sanitiser

Hand sanitizer has become an everyday essential in 2020 and it is important not to compromise our personal hygiene. When sanitizing your hands try to avoid direct contact with your diamond. Look for a hand sanitizer without chlorine as this is the main ingredient that will cause your jewels to tarnish. Once you return home, rinse your hands and jewellery under some cold water to avoid build-up of hand sanitiser on your ring’s surface.

8. Do get your ring polished or re-plated

To keep your ring looking as good as the day you received it make sure to have it professionally polished and re-plated. Your white gold jewellery will need to have a new layer of rhodium-plating applied every one or two years. This will bring back its gorgeous white lustre and have it looking brand new! Platinum does not need to be re-plated but can be professionally polished to buff out any small scratches or dents.

9. Purchase Insurance

Insurance is an important part of any significant purchase. With the right care and maintenance your ring will last a lifetime, but if something was to go wrong it’s nice to know you’re covered. During your purchase be sure to ask your jeweller about insurance options. You may be able to add your ring to an existing policy you have but always check the T&C’s to make sure your ring is fully covered. For an insurer who specializes in jewellery and can offer full coverage for your ring, be sure to check out Q Report Insurance.

10. Ask the jeweller about care for your specific ring

Your jeweller has been there throughout the design and creation of your beautiful ring, but it doesn’t end there! Asking your jeweller about the best care options for your ring and scheduling those regular maintenance appointments will keep your ring looking beautiful forever. If you have jewellery with a coloured gemstone then asking advice from your jeweller is essential. Coloured gemstones can have different durability or treatments and it is vital for you to know how to care for these precious stones.

Placing your ring in a safe place for a few moments a day and booking those annual appointments with your jeweller, are great ways to keep your ring looking its best. If you need more advice or want to schedule a clean for you DX piece book an appointment online, or meet us at either our Melbourne or Sydney showrooms to view the range in person.

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