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The 10 Best Wedding Blogs For 2020

The 10 Best Wedding Blogs For 2020

As we all know, 2020 has been a year unlike any other in living memory. Everything and everyone has been impacted in different ways - some tragically, some most unusually. Also many activities and events have been effectively put on hold or only able to take place in very limited capacities, with restrictions enforced – this would include travel, eating out, live entertainment, sport and many others. Another very important social institution and large industry has been hit hard – weddings. Many weddings planned for 2020 have been postponed, some possibly cancelled (?!), or they have gone ahead in very diminutive versions. But that hasn’t stopped the extensive array of websites, social media pages, tweets, images, blogs, chats and other internet and real-time discussions around all matters wedding.

Millions of people around the planet, young and old, of all shapes and sizes, married, single, divorced and none of the above are actually obsessed with weddings. In fact, there’s probably more material out there than ever before.

Perhaps with so many people obviously having their plans foiled by this year’s pandemic, they’ve taken to their keyboards with a vengeance – maybe with a view to planning a post-Covid wedding with a difference, in a new era with new protocols and expectations. Like it has dramatically affected everything else, 2020 will also change how many weddings look in the near future. Can it even change the nature of matrimonial institutions such as diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding dresses and wedding cakes? To find out, we take a look at the 10 best wedding blogs for 2020.

Wedding industry heavyweights are seen as demi gods by many who are obsessed with matrimonalia. Some wedding planners and designers have thousands of followers and fans and accorded rock star status. Most of these individuals and groups will have websites, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram pages and all sorts of information, narrative and imagery which is easily accessible. There are vast differences between the styles and offerings from these entities. One good way to ascertain where they are coming from is to follow their blogs. Blogs give a written (or verbal) and visual run down of the main characteristics of the business, planner/designer, influencer or pundit. Some blogs are long and updates appear regularly, others are short and sweet and only posted occasionally. We check out the 10 best wedding blogs for 2020 (in our opinion) from around the world and around Australia:


One Fab Day is considered to be the most read wedding blog in the U.K. It has a massive and diverse portfolio of resources and commentary and advice on everything from locations, dresses, diamond engagement rings, honeymoon checklists, every bride’s style, dos and don’t for elopement (!), what’s trending, what’s not, locations, catering and much more. They offer hundreds of articles and tutorials providing information and opinions addressing all your queries and problems around that big day. A favourite piece is a blog titled “How Do You Pee in Your Wedding Dress?”. It gives a non-nonsense instructional on this quirky but crucial operational issue, which includes factoring the matter into wedding dress and underwear design, and troubleshooting if things don’t go to plan!


Unbridely was founded by an Australian Marriage Celebrant who noticed that couples were getting increasingly uptight about their wedding plans. Wedding planning often involves well over 200+ hours and can be totally overwhelming, for even the happiest couples. Unbridely makes the 10 best wedding blogs list for 2020 because it puts the fun back into wedding planning! Their team of experts can assist couples to enjoy the whole process and plan a wedding day which is unique and meaningful. Unbridely even has its own TV show!


Women Getting Married has been visited by almost half a million brides-to-be in a month at times. It was started by an editor with a background in digital media publications such as Rolling Stone and Maxim. She began a modest blog in 2009 after becoming engaged, relating her various trials and tribulations, which attracted a lot of interest and swiftly became a blogger passion project. WGM is especially strong on venue types and wedding dress inspiration and offers advice from stylists on everything from diamond engagement rings to champagne, music and that major wedding dilemma – bridesmaids dresses. 


This blog is for the bride-to-be who just doesn’t know where to start. Whether it’s choosing the right diamond engagement ring or the right suit for Mr Right, The Offbeat Bride can help. With a quirkier approach and an emphasis on integrity, this is one of our favourite sites. Any many others too – with an enormous following and over 7000 posts full of wedding inspiration and advice. 


This blog makes the top 10 best wedding blogs for 2020 and has received many more visits this year as people plan much more low key weddings with far fewer guests due to COVID restrictions and changes in lifestyle, income etc. Blogs discuss affordable destinations, financial and wedding vendor hacks, interesting money saving ideas and reviews.


Junebug Weddings is run by a team including an editor in chief who has assisted in curating some of the most admired photo collections from amazing weddings, which have been shared on major outlets such as The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

Fabulous visual inspiration and great advice with regard to photography and videography, table settings and flowers are the hallmarks of this popular blog.


Bookmark this one for wedding gown inspo, fantastic tablescape ideas, legit recommendations around the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

8 - 100 LAYER CAKE

Not just about white cakes, 100 Layer Cake has a huge resource base and offers heaps of advice not just to couples-to-be re bucks and hens nights ideas, but also newlyweds - with chats about keeping the spark alive.


Features in our 10 best wedding blogs for 2020 as a great go to for those adversely affected by this capricious year and needing to plan their wedding on a budget. There are affordable and surprisingly wonderful backyard and handmade weddings which can be executed without much lead time, fuss or expense. Sounds good.


Modern Wedding has to be included in this round up the 10 best wedding blogs for 2020. It’s one of Australia’s most loved, go-to sites. Based in Sydney, Modern Wedding – The Home of Inspiration offers all sorts of advice from diamond engagement rings, invitations, dressed and deals. It also can connect you with trusted and talented wedding vendors. They post once a day, every day since 2012.


There are some which focus on financials, others purely inspirational, some are totally global and others very localised.

Amongst many other things, 2020 will be remembered as the year when thousands of couples took a raincheck on that wedding. Until things get back to normal, the hiatus time can be wisely used planning the perfect big day. Wedding blogs can definitely be incredibly useful and help take the pressure off making all those big decisions. For many, it might be more affordable and easier to formulate ideas and plans without paying someone else to. For others, the money they had set aside for a large-scale lavish wedding may get re-directed into fabulous jewellery and fashions, or stunning world class catering for just family and friends rather than 200 pax. Wedding blogs may spark bright ideas along these lines too. Either way we highly recommend having a look at the 10 best wedding blogs for 2020.

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