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Should I Choose A Solitaire Diamond For My Engagement Ring?

Should I Choose A Solitaire Diamond For My Engagement Ring?

A solitaire diamond engagement ring is the ultimate classic. It’s a traditional option yet can be designed in an up-to-the-minute contemporary style if you wish. It’s all about presenting a special diamond as the main attraction. There’s an infinite number of possibilities to choose from, or you could have a classy creation custom made.


A solitaire diamond engagement ring showcases a single diamond as a centre stone. A classic example features the one diamond only, without any other accent stones, typically on a plain band. Pavé set bands with fabulous centre stones have become very popular though, and we think these can be considered part of the family actually. The term solitaire can also refer to any of the other gemstones giving a solo performance at the centre of a ring, such as a ruby, emerald or sapphire. It’s not very common to see coloured stones centre stage without the help of at least a minor cast of accent diamonds though. A solitaire diamond can be any shape; these days the ‘fancy’ shapes are very popular, as well as the much beloved round brilliant cut diamond.


One of the main reasons solitaire diamond engagement rings remain so sought after (and always will) is that they are so versatile. As industry expert, Sarah Ortega, from US firm Sarah O. Jewelry explains, “…people love solitaire engagement rings because their simple and minimalistic design makes it easy to style them with wedding bands. A solitaire engagement ring can look totally different if it’s stacked with fun and funky wedding bands, or it can maintain its simple design with a classic band.”


A round brilliant diamond perched on a simple band is the most popular engagement ring in the world. The style of such a ring can be classic or contemporary though, depending on subtle differences in design. We are seeing more and more people select fancy shapes too, such as emerald cut for that more sophisticated look, princess cut for super sparkle; oval or pear cut diamonds for a softer, more elegant look. With a solitaire diamond engagement ring, all eyes are on the prize – the centre stone – so it has to be special. This doesn’t mean it has to be big – many gorgeous solitaire rings have 0.5 carat diamonds as the star – but it’s a fantastic quality stone with loads of fire and brilliance, or it’s an appealing fancy cut stone. One carat diamonds are much in demand, and 1.0 carat + stones do make spectacular solitaires, for sure. The most important thing is to find the right balance, in terms of the shape you want, the size of your hand and your budget. Your jeweller will help you work out the right choice for you.


As mentioned above, the classic solitaire engagement ring is a round brilliant diamond on plain band. Many such rings will be in platinum; the stone held aloft in six claws. A four claw setting is a more open look; more contemporary. For a cutting edge look you might go for a solitaire diamond in one of the many variations of bezel or tension settings. Other options are vintage and Art Deco style rings, which you may feel suit your personality and a have more unique flair. Precious metals other than platinum also can be used effectively to create an engagement ring with extra individuality. Rose gold has been a popular choice for solitaire bands for a long time and it gives you more room to move when it comes to the design of your wedding band.


Another reason solitaire diamond engagement rings are so popular is because they are good value. A simple band featuring a single stone is more straight forward to craft than the more elaborate rings. The diamond does not have to be massive, as long as it’s excellent quality. Fancy shapes are not only more interesting to look at, they are typically more affordable than round brilliant diamonds. You might be very pleasantly surprised to discover that a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring is more budget friendly than you thought.

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